Why SawyerTM?

Traditional industrial robots have been deployed in manufacturing facilities for decades, but because of practical and economic limitations, manufacturers have only been able to automate approximately 10 percent of factory tasks, requiring the other 90 percent to be done by humans, no matter how mundane or repetitive they may be. Traditional industrial robots enable a high volume, low mix model of manufacturing, but that model fails to meet the demands of low volume, high mix manufacturing that defines today’s increasingly personalized and customized world. Furthermore, traditional robots are expensive, inflexible and unsafe to deploy in close proximity to humans without safety cages. In contrast, Rethink’s smart, collaborative robots can adapt to real–‐world variability, change applications quickly and perform tasks like people do. Our collaborative robots are finally enabling manufacturers to begin automating that other 90 percent of tasks, and providing new avenues for manufacturers to improve their processes and remain competitive.