Let us introduce you: Intera 5

Intera is the own operating system developed for SawyerTM. Intera 5 is much more than an update to the operating system: the software is a new approach for automation and allows to put into operation the sawyer in a few minutes. No programming skills required – everyone can become an expert in robotics. The software bridges the universe of collaborative robots.

Operational fast

Intera is based on a graphical user interface and allows employees to perform and adapt operations using the robot. Thanks to the Intera software, the SawyerTM has a very special functionality. Train-by-Demonstration, ie learning tasks by guiding the robot arm. This considerably accelerates the start-up of the robot. But that’s not all: Intera is also available in browser-based Intera Studio, enabling the user to easily perform complex commissioning processes from a laptop.

The redefinition of automation

The SawyerTM with Intera 5 is the world’s first intelligent and collaborative robot that can orchestrate the decisive components of the work cell.  This opens up new automation possibilities for manufacturers. Customers can develop their production as a Smart Factory and have access for the first time to the concept of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). With regular software upgrades, we constantly offer new features – so we offer not only the latest technology, but also develop new features with existing hardware. Intelligent technology, sustainable investment!

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