About Sawyer™

  1. Ideal for industries as well as small and medium-sized enterprises 
  2. Easy handling, assembly and maintenance
  3. Two built-in High-End cameras allow for a multitude of complex optical tasks 
  4. Robotic automation for minimal technical requirements 
  5. Designed for maximum precision while guaranteeing safety and flexibility
  6. Compact construction with wide range, ideal for use in production islands

The practical test. Discover Sawyer™ in action

Observe how SawyerTM adapts in practice to changes in the production sector, how quickly it passes from one task to another through its agility and precisely performs its job as a technician

Intera 5 Sawyer Demonstration


Time: 3:04

Sawyer Collaborative Robot Montage


Time: 2:13

Sawyer at Work: Metal Fabrication


Time: 1:10

Sawyer at Work: Robot Positioning System
Time: 1:51

Clicksmart Vacuum Foam Gripper


Time: 1:15

ClickSmart Family of Grippers for Smart, Collaborative Robots
Time: 1:14

Sawyer Collaborative Robot Montage (extended version)
Time: 2:03

Sawyer at Work: Case Packing


Time: 1:10

Two high-end cameras. A multitude of optical tasks

Sawyer ™ has an integrated imaging deviceIt includes a pivot camera for uses requiring a large viewing angle and a Cognex wrist camera that allows the use of the robot’s positioning system as well as performing a multitude of other complex optical tasks. 

Smart and flexible accessories for perfect solutions.

The right accessory for every task! Thanks to the adaptability of SawyerTM, the accessory adapted to the various tasks must of course be prepared for the most diverse tasks 

With the new ClickSmart gripper packs, you always have the right equipment! 

Flyer Sawyer™

Here you will find all the important information about the sawyer ™, the revolutionary new high-performance robot – in a comprehensible overview on a downloadable PDF. 

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