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Our global production standards are always more affected by changes, with them also the requirements.

The future strong point is a flexible automation in combination with production machines, which oblige the entrepreneur to find new cheaper solutions while meeting the ever higher demands of his customers. This process is already fully under way and is affecting the labor market and especially in the high-tech sector. Smart ID Dynamics already offers this opportunity for specific domains, line Manufacturing. Smart ID – Connecting IoT to Enterprise. With SawyerTM, the intelligent and collaborative robot, your company will be fully equipped for the future. With a range of 1260 mm, a lifting capacity of 4 kg and an accuracy of 0.1 mm, it is delivered all over the world and in all branches of industry. Be part of the story!

Industry 4.0 – now at your factory

What happens when a collaborative robot comes into action in an environment that until now was not possible to automate?

A lot: Our collaborative robots adapt to the changes in their environments, allowing by their agility and the rapid change from one application to another, the same working methods as a human collaborator. In doing so, they are perfectly suited for several production tasks, which up to now have been part of the 90% of applications that were not reasonably automated.

This model, from flexible automation, sees an unlimited collaboration between humans and robots. Everyone assuming the part of the work for which he will be most qualified. By opting for this proven strategy, your company can not only optimize the use of your resources, but also increase its efficiency while providing a competitive advantage. Thus, industry 4.0, does not remain a customer imagination but becomes an existing reality. Be part in this development!


For many years, industrial robots have been used by manufacturers of vehicles and means of transport, or they perform their work in safety cages. Our robots are instead designed for use near operators and can be placed on conveyors or in static devices. They can also pack plastic parts. Call us!


We take care of the instability of production schedules related to orders, as firms in these sectors generally give more value to flexibility than volumes – and our robots are simply unbeatable in terms of flexibility. Your own staff can install them quickly and easily, and exploit them problem in different production lines to pack boxes, feed machines, and participate in control tasks. Call us!


Whether in the metal processing industry, feeding machines, production lines and plastic devices or handling raw materials and finished parts – our robots are flexible and intelligent. Also in the plastics industry, the SawyerTM provides good services for loading and unloading injection molding machines, kitting components for plastic furniture, packaging finished parts in blister packs or narrow containers. Call us!


The fragile components and frequent changes on the production line make it very difficult to efficiently automate the electronics industry. Our collaborative Smart Robots are perfectly suited to this environment and guarantee a delicate handling as well as unequal flexibility.

SawyerTM  multitalent – best equipped for your needs

Discover the SawyerTM Intelligent and Collaborative Robot. Its standalone way of working is based on the Intera platform, one of the best and most intuitive existing software platform. Constantly developing in combination with intelligent and flexible equipment is the ideal solution for most applications.

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